twitter_logoMany of us have a social media account these days, but have we really made the relevant provisions to handle our account after we are nothing but dust and ashes? Perhaps some of us do have the blessing to more or less know when we are about to call it a day here in this earthly body, while some of us might actually think that we have far more years ahead of us than what reality offers. Regardless, it is always better to be prepared, but what happens when you were to pass away unexpectedly? Surely you would like your social media accounts to be handled in the proper manner. Twitter has stepped forward to say that they will remove images and/or videos of the deceased, if the family member(s) push a request for it.

Twitter spokesperson Nu Wexler tweeted that Twitter will ensure that imagery of deceased individuals in select circumstances will be removed, and immediate family members as well as other authorized individuals could also put in a request to remove such images or videos, from the moment of when a critical injury occurs, all the way to the time before or after death.

Apart from that, Twitter will also take into consideration other factors such as public interest and the overall newsworthiness of the content, so there is also a possibility of turning down such a request from the deceased’s family.

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