twitter_logoIf you are having thoughts of using a hashtag in your upcoming tweet, which is something that many of us do in this day and age without cracking our heads too much, you might want to take note that Twitter could take advantage of this “reflex action” by attaching an image, or even a video, to your message. In a promotion that saw ABC’s new TV comedy “Selfie” showed just how that Twitter was able to prompt users to attach media to a tweet, depending on the kind of hashtags that accompanied those tweets.


There does not seem to be no end in sight when it comes to trying out new avenues of advertising for companies, does it? Imagine if you are an iOS user who is currently working on a message that will carry the hashtag #SelfieABC, you will be prompted whether you would like to have the TV show’s first episode attached in the tweet.

Of course, the user will have every right to decline the attachment to his or her tweet, but it is one more step to do before you send out your tweet for the rest of the world to read. I am quite sure that there will be someone out there who will compile a list of popular hashtags that have not yet seen such piggyback rides of media in a tweet, and this list will most probably shrink in due time.

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