Popular on demand ridesharing service Uber has been experimenting with a couple of new business ideas that might help the company grow. These include services such as Corner Store which delivers products from local stores to customers in selected localities right now. The company is now trying its hand at lunch delivers. Today Uber announced that its exploring lunch deliveries until next month in Santa Monica. Anyone in the area can order lunch through the Uber app.

This experiment starts off on August 26th and runs through September 5th. Lunch orders will be accepted between 11:30am and 2:30pm. Uber has put together a prix fixe menu of “west-side favorites” for every day of the week. It won’t be possible to order lunch from your favorite restaurant or deli though.

The uberFRESH lunch delivery option will be available in the app itself, orders will not be taken on weekends. Delivery location must be within the Santa Monica coverage area and since the delivery will be kerbside, users will have to meet the driver outside to pick up their lunch. Drivers will not climb up to an office building or walk up to a door.

Payments will be processed through the Uber account so no cash will be involved. As is the case with Uber’s services, no tipping is expected. If the company gets satisfied by this experiment perhaps it will open up the lunch delivery service to more cities for a greater time, but it makes no promises of that right now.

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