verizon-logo-stone-wallIs running an app store of sorts good business? Perhaps, as it looks as though Verizon is working on a new “global” mobile app store. Of course, other than to turn a profit (which they need not write that down in big, bold letters, this I am sure), the reason behind such an app store would be to enable developers to take full advantage of wireless network features, and Verizon hopes to work alongside other carriers in addition to hardware manufacturers that are in the market, too.

It has been speculated that Verizon’s app store will be able to figure out new methods for consumers to discover apps. How does the store achieve this particular objective? It will make use of location data and social recommendations, just so that we get the gist of its potential. Do bear in mind that this purported store will be made available on the Android platform first.

Perhaps Verizon is also working on this store as part of its reaction to Google lowering the amount of app revenue that it pays to carriers and OEMs where the Play Store is concerned. After all, a company is there to turn a profit and not make a loss, right? What do you make of this news?

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