As the expected launch of Apple’s upcoming smartphones nears it will not be unusual to see retailers and carriers offer great discounts for existing iPhones. This trend is common whenever an upgrade is one the horizon as retailers and carriers want to get rid of any and all inventory that they have before the new phone comes in. Rumor has it that Verizon has effectively “retired” the 32GB iPhone 5c and that it has no intention of stockpiling units of this particular model.

An unnamed source told AppleInsider that Verizon has already sold through much of its 32GB iPhone 5c inventory and that it plans on selling whatever is left. Once that happens the carrier is reportedly in no mood to replenish inventory.

The only reason that comes to mind is that Verizon is making space on its shelves before the iPhone 6 is released next month. Verizon’s online store no longer has the 32GB iPhone 5c in stock even though 16GB models are available, apart from all models of the iPhone 5s.

Some believe that this reduction in inventory of a particular model might lend weight to rumors that Apple may end the iPhone 5c this fall. The iPhone 5s would bring up the rear in Apple’s smartphone whereas its two new iPhone 6 models will rule the high-end segment.

When you think about it this way it does makes some sense. There would be no need for Apple to carry the iPhone 5c at a further reduced price when it can simply bring down the iPhone 5s to its level. But seeing as how there’s no confirmation from Apple yet regarding this bit of speculation, it will be in our best interests to hold on to our horses until September 9th. That’s when the iPhone 6 unveil is expected.

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