vine-new-cameraIt goes without saying that apps, especially the more popular ones, will need to be updated from time to time in order to make sure they remain relevant in this day and age (Skype’s Chat notifications would be a good example). Vine has decided to grow up a notch, as this six second, looping-video-sharing service will now feature a slew of new tools for the user to play around with, making life easier for those who would like to edit videos that they shot straight from the smartphone itself.


The new tools will introduce a whole new level of robustness to the app that was not there in the first place, but do bear in mind that this will not cause a sudden explosion of Vines on the Internet, that is for sure. One of the major changes with the latest Vine update would be to enable users to check out their camera rolls and make use of current recorded videos for their Vines.

In the past, this was not possible, since one had to capture the video in-app. In other words, the new Vine update will allow you to use an existing video and select the intended six seconds that you would like to share with the world. Other tools that are part of this particular update include a focus-lock feature for the front-facing camera, editing capabilities like a duplicating button which will allow you to repeat a shot, a mute button that will ensure nothing gets said, and a “torch” mode which ensures your handset’s flash gets turned on for you to work in the dark.

The new Vine for iOS will be out today, with the Android version following in its footsteps not too far behind. [Press Release]

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