drone-banOwning a drone might be fun and all, but it is not a bed of roses if you would like to test your drone, as there are only half a dozen certified drone test sites throughout the entire expanse of the U.S. of A. It so happens that Virginia Tech is one of the half dozen drone test sites, having been announced as such by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), allowing researchers at Virginia Tech’s Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership to work on improving whatever machinations that they are working on which fall under this category.

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said shared his concerns that more questions than answers abound when it comes to leaving national airspace to be swarmed by remote controlled planes and helicopters. In other words, there needs to be more regulation among such drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

With a specially designated drone test site, it will also be able to open up a path for new rules to help govern the use of such technology. There are some industry observers on the sidelines who feel that the government has not responded at a speed which is on par with that of the UAS industry. What do you think?

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