wemuThose who go through fits of epilepsy do know how uncomfortable the feeling can be, not to mention the more serious cases being potentially life threatening, too. Well, a concerted effort by Bioserenity, a French medical device company, alongside a British epilepsy organization known as Epilepsy Action, as well as a French epilepsy organization, Efappe, has resulted in the WEMU – a smart clothing system and companion app that is capable of monitoring as well as diagnose epilepsy.

All this while, standard epilepsy diagnosis and treatment would have to fall back upon seizure recordings via fixed monitoring systems that are only available within the confines of a hospital. This severely impacts the accessibility of such fixed systems, and not only that, majority of the patients’ seizures will go unrecorded. This indirectly leads to suboptimal diagnosis and lack of proper treatment. Not so with WEMU, as this smartwear hopes to improve the accuracy of diagnosis, as well as lower diagnostic time while letting medical caregivers offer a more accurate drug regimen.

The WEMU will comprise of a smart shirt and a smart hat that sports a slew of dry-sensors. These sensors will be able to monitor the patient’s cardiac, muscle and brain activities constantly, and these sensors are powered by a rechargeable battery pack via embedded electronic circuitry. All physiological data picked up will be sent to a smartphone app through the Bluetooth route. Hopefully it will be able to enter mass production soon.

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