link-ladyOnce in a while, I am quite sure the inevitable question arises – what would Link look like if he were to be a lady instead of the all action hero in the Zelda series that have made its presence known on Nintendo consoles for a few decades already? Well, if you are too lazy to put your imagination to work, perhaps you might want to check out some of the published images from the Japanese Hyrule Warriors art book that depicted a page full of warriors who come dressed in the same manner as that of Link – the Robin Hood lookalike from Nintendo, meaning he sports a lincoln green garb, the famous green cap and long brown boots. The thing is, think Link is female.

Apparently, there was caption right next to the character art that translates roughly to “This is Link, if we imagined him as a female.” Such a concept is not new, but it is nice to refresh and tickle our imaginations once in a while, giving rise to the very real possibility of a female Link making an appearance in a future version of any Legend of Zelda game.

If it were me, I think both Link and Legolas would make for bosom buddies, and if they were female, well, they’d be BFFs, too.

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