white xbox oneWhen it comes to coloring one’s console, no one does it better than Nintendo, although it does seem as though other players are starting to catch on. Microsoft’s Xbox One has always come in black, but recent rumors have been going around that the current generation Xbox One console will finally arrive in a shade of white without costing a bomb, and it seems that all of those rumors were true, with Microsoft revealing the white Xbox One officially alongside Sunset Overdrive.

In the past, the only way you could score one of these beauties was to be a Microsoft employee, and even then, it was not too easy to bring one home. Guess all of your patience has finally paid off, since you will now be able to pick up the white Xbox One bundle for $400 a pop – or if you are living on the Old Continent, it will set you back by 400 Euros.

It seems that the console itself will not be the only white colored gaming device, since the white gamepad will also be part of the deal as this bundle is made available to the masses later this October, sporting 500GB of storage space alongside the accompanying white gamepad, sans Kinect.

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