white xbox oneJust yesterday we reported on the rumors that Microsoft was planning on releasing a white Xbox One that would be bundled with Sunset Overdrive. A report by Polygon later supposedly confirms the existence of the console, but it seems that Microsoft is contradicting themselves. According to reports from Videogamer and TechRadar, a Microsoft spokesperson reportedly told them they have nothing to announce at this time.

This seems odd given Polygon’s report from yesterday. However there is a chance that the Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to Polygon that there were indeed a couple of new Xbox One bundles in the works, but they did not actually confirm the existence of the white Xbox One, at least not yet.

It definitely is a bit confusing and if you are confused at this point, don’t worry, you’re not alone. However Gamescom is expected to take place next week so there is a chance that more will be revealed then, along with the existence of the white Xbox One which has been highly desired by gamers.

Earlier Microsoft had revealed that the white Xbox One was an employee exclusive, which we can only imagine drove up its desirability even more. In any case to find out more and perhaps to clear up the situation, do check back with us next week during Gamescom for the details!

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