wwo-serverIf you were to forget your history, then it would be a very sad thing indeed. After all, even the greatest achievements do begin from humble beginnings, so never ever despise the day of small things. Having said that, World of Warcraft, the MMO that has gripped the imagination of many over the years and is still going strong despite a drop in subscribers over the years (which is a natural life cycle, actually), would need to run on servers, and what you see above happens to be a slice of gaming history. It is actually an original server blade from World of Warcraft, being a stark reminder that such hardware could handle the MMO boo back in the day, where it simply will not do in this day and age.

Apparently, each server was made up of a quartet of HP blades which would require a proprietary HP enclosure so that they can run, and not only that, they did not feature standard AC or Ethernet ports. Lilleaas, the owner of this particular WoW server blade, said that each blade was dedicated to the game’s continents (Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor), while the remaining two blades were dedicated to chat, and instances and raids.

Individual blades come with eight slots of RAM, and all of them hold ECC memory that was capable of locating and fixing data corruption. It made sense since one would want to avoid data corruption under the circumstances, otherwise a constantly corrupted server would result in subscribers living in large numbers due to the instability.

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