youtube-new-logoJust how many hours of your time do you spend each day to watch YouTube videos of anything and everything? The final figure might actually surprise you after you tally everything up, but there is a dark side to it. There is a very real possibility of having such activities result in a security breach. A paper that was published by Morgan Marquis-Boire at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab, there were spies who did piggyback on unencrypted YouTube streams and Microsoft Live log-ins, and these were made possible through the interception of traffic and doing so to open a window into your life.

In other words, that means prying into your more private life, such as checking out your emails, bank statements, instant messages that you send over to your loved one, and other personal information that you would much rather them to remain private. It is nice then, to hear that Google and Microsoft has encrypted those connections some time ago in order to prevent any other kind of unwanted and unwarranted exploitation. In fact, Google has also drummed on the possibility of other websites encrypting their connections in order to experience a better search result ranking. Looks like it is still safe to continue contributing to humanity’s cat video collection, no?

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