smart-chopsticksWe have seen how Baidu revealed more information on the Baidu Eye at Baidu World last week, but is there all there is to offer from the Chinese technology giant? Apparently not, as a pair of smart chopsticks have surfaced. I know that chopsticks can be pretty difficult eating utensils to implement, especially when you are a beginner, but there is an elegance to the implementation whenever you pick up a wad of noodles and slurp them into your mouth. Who would have thought that technological innovations could be implemented in an ordinary pair of chopsticks?

The smart chopsticks from Baidu do not only function as your regular pair of chopsticks, but they are also capable of measuring the food’s temperature and nutrients. In other words, these electronic chopsticks can detect if the food you are about to partake in is safe to eat or not. This is made possible by detecting unsanitary cooking oil, which sounds rather strange, but this is a common concern in China itself.

We do wonder just how much a pair of such chopsticks will be sold for? Imagine diners bringing this with them wherever they go in the future – restaurants and roadside hawkers might want to be more careful in selecting their choice of cooking oil then.

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