Bose_QC25_Headphones_04_highresWhile some might criticize Bose for their overpriced products, there are some out there who feel that perhaps Bose’s products can justify its price, especially if you’re in the market for noise cancelling headphones, in which the Bose QC15 headphones are probably one of the better ones in the market.

However it looks like the QC15 could be put out to pasture soon because Bose has announced its successor – the Bose QC25. According to Bose, the QC25 headphones are expected to be the successor to the QC15. Sean Garrett, the VP of the Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group had this to say, “We weren’t going to replace the QC15 headphones unless we had something that was better and different — and the QC25 is both.”

Bose_QC25_Headphones_01While the QC25s will feature a bunch of improvements and changes over the QC15, such as a more finely tuned Active EQ, TriPort technology that will help deliver detailed lower notes, one of the bigger changes is the AAA battery that is required for the active noise cancelling feature to work.

Previously the QC15 required AAA batteries for it to work, regardless whether you wanted noise cancellation or not. With the QC25, Bose has changed that and even when the battery is dead, the headphones can continue being used for music sans noise cancellation. The headphones will also come with an inline remote control and microphone that can act as a hands-free kit for smartphone users.

bose qc25 colorThe Bose QC25 will come in black or white and will be priced at $299.95, however Bose has also decided to switch things up a bit by allowing users to customize the design of the headphones by mixing and matching different colors, but that model will retail for $399.95. The QC25s do not come cheap but if you were a fan of the QC15s and were looking forward to its successor, perhaps the QC25 could be worth taking a look at.

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