elgato batteryThere are many external battery packs available for smartphones and tablets at the moment. For the most part they are pretty “dumb” in the sense that you just plug them in and it starts charging, nothing more, nothing less. Then again there’s nothing wrong with that setup since it is just a battery after all.

Well if you were hoping for something a little more intuitive, Elgato has recently unveiled the Smart Power external battery pack. The battery pack will come with a 6,000mAh battery that should be able to charge your smartphone a few times over, and will measure 83 x 83 x 23mm and weigh 160g.

However what makes the Smart Power so different is that it will be able to keep track of your phone’s battery life and can remind users when to start charging their phones. This is done using a Bluetooth connection and an accompanying app. The app will also be able to access your calendar to see if you have a busy day coming up.

If it notes that you do, it will then remind you that perhaps taking an external battery pack with you might be a good idea so you don’t run of juice mid-day. Priced at 89.95 Euro, Elgato’s Smart Power is currently available for purchase via its website.

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