facebook logoI know that many of us do happen to be rocking to a generous data plan with our smartphones and tablets these days, but it always pays to err on the side of caution, does it not? Case in point – there are some customers who have just jumped aboard the smartphone bandwagon and are not quite familiar with the nuances of the device, where they then rely on their data plan to watch online videos, all the while unbeknownst to them that their carrier charges them insane prices per MB after passing a particular data limit. This could result in a bill shock experience at the end of the month, so it is always best to avoid video on your smartphone whenever possible unless connected to a Wi-Fi network, and do make sure that the “autoplay” setting on Facebook videos is also turned off.

After all, there is the risk of maximizing your data plan if you do not change this default setting in the Facebook app, where videos will begin to stream automatically in the News Feed window. So far, there has been a fair number of complaints by folks who were shocked at seeing their data bills after exceeding their monthly allowance by a whole lot, and are not convinced that this is due to the automatic playback of videos on Facebook, but rather, think that it is a billing irregularity.

Fixing this potential banana skin is a snap – iPhone users will just need to tap the “Settings” button, before scrolling down and clicking on “Facebook.” From there, pick “Settings,” “Auto-play,” and then choose “Wi-Fi only” or “Off.” As for Android, run the Facebook app before you head to your account settings. Choose “App Settings,” select ‘Auto-play only on Wi-Fi’ or ‘Off.’

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