texting drivingDriving while texting or talking on the phone is dangerous as it distracts us which could lead to accidents. However it seems that one particular entrepreneur, Scott Tibbits, has come up with a rather interesting solution to that – a cellphone “jammer”. Now unlike actual jammers, this doesn’t jam your phone per se.

Basically all it does is it plugs into your car and when you turn your engine on and it detects that your car is moving, it will send a signal to your carrier in which incoming calls, text, social media notifications and whatnot will be blocked. Essentially this is a self-blocking jammer of sorts, so it’s really up to the driver to enforce it.

According to Tibbits, he claims to have been inspired to develop the device after his colleague was hit and killed by a teenager while texting and driving. He managed to raise a whopping $3 million to help fund the creation of the device. Like we said it’s an interesting solution although to block the use of the phone entirely can be inconvenient.

Also convincing users to use it, unless it was made a legal requirement, would be a hard sell as well. Perhaps parents might want to install it in the cars of their teenage children, but other than that we don’t see why choosing not to reply a text or answer a call is that difficult, but what do you guys think?

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