While games like Hearthstone have many cards for players to choose from and make all sorts of decks with, at the end of the day there are a few deck combinations that play a lot more superior than the random decks thrown together, thanks to use of popular cards, mechanics, and synergies.

However it seems that Google’s lead anti-abuse researcher has managed to come up with a tool that has the ability to seek out undervalued cards, and at the same time divining the cards in the deck that your opponent could be using. Fortunately for Hearthstone gamers, Elie Bursztein will not be releasing the tool to the public.

The tool was cooked up by Bursztein and his wife, Celine, but after having a discussion with Blizzard about it, they ultimately decided that releasing the tool was not the best idea. According to Bursztein on his blog, he claims that Blizzard was very enthusiastic and supportive of his research. However he adds, that “they were very concerned that our real time dashboard that can predict your opponent’s deck will break the game balance by giving that person (that is, whoever has the tool) an unfair advantage. They also expressed concern that such a tool makes the game less fun by taking away some of the decision-making from the player.”

Bursztein’s tool also added features such as replay functionality, although he pointed out that Blizzard already told him that they had such a feature in the works for a future release, so his “subpar” version would not be necessary. However he does go into detail about the hack and has released his notes online, so if you’d like to learn more about it, hit up his blog or check out his presentation at Defcon for the details.

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