nexus-9-keyboard-folio-leakWe did talk about how there are more Nexus 9 details leaked over the weekend, where this particular device would be manufactured by the folks over at HTC. HTC’s maiden foray into the tablet market was not exactly an inspiring one, especially when one thinks back to the HTC Flyer’s release that did not spawn any kind of direct sequel. Well, you know what they say – if at first you do not succeed, try again. A new tweet from @upleaks point to the upcoming HTC tablet – aka Nexus 9 or HTC T1, where it will feature an accessory that is called the Magic Cover.

This Magic Cover accessory will come in leather and in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), where magnets will see action so that the cover itself can be folded up into a triangle that in turn, offers support for the tablet so that one is able to prop it up in the correct angle as one types. Whenever you are not using the tablet, you will see the HTC T1 fit nicely on top of the keyboard, where there will be a flap that covers the screen. The magnets also double up in functionality to lock and unlock the tablet, which is reminiscent of Apple’s Smart Cover.

Expect it to rely on NFC to connect to the tablet, where it will run off a 450mAh battery that remains onboard the case itself. The leather version will arrive in Natural and Black shades, while the TPU version is tipped to come in Coral Amethyst, Mint Indigo, Lime Stone and Indigo Black.

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