brain-implantWe have seen how useful implants can be to alleviate and manage certain medical conditions in the past, including this one that is capable of controlling high blood pressure without the need for any kind of drugs. Well, here is a word on a new kind of implant that supposedly monitors your brain, and will stop seizures even as you are in a deep sleep.

Matthew Busby is one of the first patients over in the U.K. to give this brand new device a go, where it can detect whether there is a seizure which is about to happen, and it will go about preventing that fit from happening. Busby has lived with the possibility of seizures happening ever since he was seven months old, where the daily seizures were triggered by epilepsy. The most difficult period of his life saw him go through up to 60 times a day.

This new implant might mean the end of having to consume a cocktail of drugs, where it knows when a seizure is about to happen, before it kicks in to send automatic signals to the brain so that the necessary steps can be taken by the body to prevent the seizure from happening. Known as the AspireSR generator, it was recently approved for use in the UK and Europe just a few months back, and hopefully it will be affordable enough for the masses as the current asking price of £10,000 would make it out of reach for most folks.

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