yosemiteadoptionratesApple’s OS X platform has more or less retained the same look over the past few years. Sure, Apple’s made some tweaks here and there, some visual changes, but it’s safe to say that OS X Yosemite could be the biggest visual overhaul to date. That and the fact that it comes with even tighter integration with iOS certainly makes it an exciting platform to look forward to.

This is why it hardly comes as a surprise to learn that according to Net Applications (via MacRumors), Yosemite’s pre-launch adoption is a whopping 33 times higher than its predecessor, Mavericks. Net Applications claims that Yosemite was installed on 3.3% of all Macs as of August.

Assuming that Yosemite will be able to maintain its current projectory, we can only imagine that its numbers will be higher than Mavericks upon its official and public release. As it stands it is currently in beta and doing pretty well, so a public release would not doubt see a huge jump in adoption as well.

Last year when Mavericks was released, it managed to nab 6-8% in adoption within its first 24 hours of release. Like we said, with Yosemite sitting at 3.3% now, we reckon that it should outperform Mavericks, although we can’t say by how much, but do check back with us then for the details. In the meantime are you looking forward to the Yosemite upgrade too?

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