Sony has seen unprecedented success with the PlayStation 4. The console has managed to sell over 10 million units around the world in under one year. There’s no doubt that it’s very popular among gamers. Those who have been waiting for the ability to customize their PS4 experience some something to look forward to now. Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 4 themes support is going to land on the console via a software update in the near future.

In the announcements made before the Tokyo Game Show, Sony confirmed that PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to customize the console’s dashboard. A similar announcement was also made for the PlayStation Vita, its owners will get the ability to customize the homescreen soon as well.

Themes that were shown off during the event were animated. They featured beloved characters Toro and Kuro from PlayStation Japan chilling out in a kitchen. Moving through different sections of the PlayStation 4 dashboard changes the background.

However it is yet to be confirmed that PlayStation 4 owners will be allowed to choose any image as the background and if themes will only be limited to the content that’s available through the PS Store. Sony has also not confirmed when this software update is going to be released.

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