lol-ssThere are games when the story and the lore is integral to the gameplay. World of Warcraft is a great example and anyone who has ever played the game will know that quests, instances, and raids are all tied into the story of the universe. For some players this is extremely important especially of the role-playing servers.

However there are some games where the lore is a nice touch, although the gameplay is the more important aspect. MOBAs, for example, are some of those types of games where strategy, the right kind of items, timing, and teamwork seem to be a bigger priority. That being said if you are one of the players who got into the lore of the League of Legends game, you might be interested to learn that Riot Games is thinking about rebooting the story.

According to a recent blog post on the League of Legends’ website, it seems that the original story cooked up by the development team has started to feel very restrictive. “The background we’d created to explain in-game action was ultimately restricting the potential narrative development of the game’s defining characters.”

In order to combat this, Riot has decided that they will be going beyond the original story and “forge a new narrative path for Runeterra.” They later add, “We don’t want to limit story because of gameplay, just like we wouldn’t limit gameplay because of story – we want both of them (and all the other elements of League) to have the freedom to be as great as they possibly can be.”

We’re not sure how different the future lore of the game will be from the original, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Are you disappointed by Riots’ decision, or was lore never a huge part of the reason you got into the game in the first place?

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