tesla model xIt pays to make a thorough research on where one ought to construct one’s factory before setting out, as different states have their own nuances, including corporate taxes and tax breaks, which could help a huge business save tons of money along the way. Word has gotten around that Tesla Motors Inc. is widely tipped to choose a site in Nevada so that it can finally place roots for its proposed $5 billion battery factory.

Nevada state officials did schedule a news conference at 4 p.m. Thursday in Carson City to declare plans for the plant. While we do not have the black and white of all what Nevada has offered to Tesla, chances are it would end up as one of the largest incentive packages throughout the history of the U.S. auto industry that ought to see an automobile factory set up in a state where traditionally speaking, has very little to lure players from such a market.

Nevada would mean Tesla has a site that is physically closer to its Fremont, California assembly plant as well as ready access to lithium, which is a key raw material for the batteries. It is tipped that this plant might one day roll out more than all of the current lithium-ion battery production in the world, now how about that? Tesla already has plans for a massive charging station rollout in China, and this goes to show how the company is going places.

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