VirtusPro-mousepadGamers can be a particularly picky lot, especially when you take into consideration how they like to remain loyal to a particular brand for the longest time, and it can be pretty difficult to sway their mind to make a switch. If you have not yet gotten yourself a decent mouse pad, then you can check out this Tesoro Virtus.Pro Gaming Mouse Pad which would leave you with one less avenue for blame whenever things do not go your way. Yes, that is correct, if you are going to get involved in any activity, purchase the most expensive equipment possible, so that you can only blame yourself if your performance is not up to scratch.

The Tesoro Virtus.Pro Gaming Mouse Pad is a high-performance mouse pad that was specially designed by gamers in order to have it deliver the best possible gaming experience. Tesoro took feedback from the professional gaming organization, Virtus.Pro, in order to implement such ideas using the latest 3D fabric techniques. The Virtus.Pro gaming mouse pad will come with a high-texture density and an ultra smooth surface, and it does not matter whether you are rocking to an optical or laser mouse, it will feel as though this particular mouse is able to glide across the mousepad without any kind of hindrance whatsoever, and it even delivers excellent wrist support and comfortable mousing.

Sporting a rubber base which ensures that the mouse pad will not slip or move in the middle of a heated online battle, even those who play with low sensitivity settings will find it comfortable to use, thanks to its large dimensions (14.2”L x 11.8” W). Expect the Tesoro Virtus.Pro Gaming Mouse Pad to arrive later this month for $24 a pop.

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