oivoDon’t you hate it when you’re out and your phone runs out of battery? Get a power bank or a battery case, you say, and while that’s a great idea, what if those run out of battery too? Well then for the most part you’d be in big trouble, right? Well the good news is that if you don’t mind pledging some money to a Kickstarter campaign, perhaps the Oivo could be a charger that might be worth your time.

Unlike power banks or battery cases, the Oivo uses actual AA batteries to charge your device. What this means is that in the event your phone runs out of juice, all you’d need to do is pop on over to your local convenience store and pick up a few more, or if you have some lying around at home you could use those too. Now the Oivo is definitely not the first of its kind, although its compactness could prove to be an advantage over the competition.

oivo 12It is admittedly rather unsightly when attached to your phone, but it gets the job done. However when it is not plugged in, the Oivo can sort of clip together and be small and portable enough to fit on your keychain. It will require four AA batteries and according to its creators, its efficiency will depend on the type of battery you use.

oivo 3The creators also promise that there should be enough power to fully charge your phone back to 100% and then some. We doubt that many of you guys relish the idea (and the waste) of having to buy AA batteries all the time, so we think the Oivo charger would be more for emergency purposes and if you truly need to charge your device.

Unfortunately the Oivo only supports iOS devices with a Lightning port at the moment. The creators state that a micro USB version would not be out of the question, although their priority is funding the Lightning version. If you’d like to learn more or pledge your support, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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