Tim Cook Promises Major Security Improvements Coming Soon

tim_cookAs we’re sure most of you guys have heard by now, recently there was an incident in which many celebrities had their compromising photos leaked onto the internet. Early speculation had suggested that iCloud had been compromised, which is how the hacker managed to get their hands on the photos.

Apple has since denied that iCloud had been compromised, instead saying that the hacks were targeted attacks on the accounts of the celebrities. Despite that, the incident did bring to light some security issues, such as how two-factor authentication was not very obvious or made well-known to users. Well we guess if there’s one good thing to come from this situation is that Apple has announced that they will be looking to beef up security.

This is according to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, who spoke with The Wall Street Journal, and revealed the Cupertino company’s plans to increase their security. “When I step back from this terrible scenario that happened and say what more could we have done, I think about the awareness piece. I think we have a responsibility to ratchet that up. That’s not really an engineering thing.”

Cook added that Apple plans to broaden their two-factor authentication system and to aggressively encourage their users to enable their feature in the upcoming iOS 8. Will this be enough? We guess no system is completely invulnerable, but we suppose at least Apple is learning from their mistakes and hopefully such situations won’t occur again in the future.

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