apple-logo3It looks like there is a very real possibility that Apple’s name might get dragged through the mud once again, after a couple of U.S. labor watchdogs reported that the working conditions over at a Chinese factory that supplies parts which see action in iPads and MacBooks from Apple happen to be not safe for workers. In fact, it is deemed to be dangerous now with the working conditions having deteriorated further since it was brought to their attention one year back.


Apple claims that a whole slew of the issues raised were already corrected in a swift and decisive manner after an inspection last week. U.S.-based China Labor Watch and Green America did make a joint statement where an investigation that ran last month at Catcher Technology Co Ltd (Suqian), which happens to be part of Taiwan-based Catcher Technology Co Ltd, had come across hazardous working conditions including flammable aluminum-magnesium alloy filings that are scattered on the factory floor, not to mention having locked fire exits and windows – which would have defeated the purpose in the first place.

Apart from that, the workers themselves did not receive the proper safety training, where they were exposed to toxic chemicals since there was no protective equipment provided “in a timely manner or at all.”

Apple on the other hand did praise the Suqian facility in a separate statement as the facility consistently exceeding international safety standards. The statement mentioned, “As a result of our quarterly fire-safety inspections, the most recent of which happened last week, Catcher has made same-day repairs of broken and expired fire extinguishers, unblocked corridors and fire exits, and added missing emergency exit signs.” It is rather strange that an admission of the presence of blocked fire exits and expired fire extinguishers are associated with exceeding international safety standards consistently, don’t you think so?

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