fb designsWhen it comes to creating an app, there needs to be a good balance in terms of its design as well as the code underneath it. After all a badly designed app won’t sit well with users, and a good looking app with bad coding and a ton of bugs will probably see a lot of negative reviews thrown its way as well.

Recently the folks at Evans Data (via WMPowerUser) conducted a survey of their own to find out how much time a developer spends on design, coding, testing, and etc. on their app. It might surprise you to learn that in terms of design, Windows Phone developers actually take the cake.

They found that Windows Phone developers spend 30.2% of their time designing the app. This is followed by 21.3% from iOS developers, and 19.1% from Android developers. However in terms of time spent coding, iOS developers lead at 30.7%, although when it comes to debugging and testing their apps, Android developers spend the most time at 36.1%, with Windows Phone coming in third at 19.8%.

While it might seem like a good thing that Android developers spend a lot of time debugging and testing their app, Janel Garvin, the CEO of Evans Data suggested that it was due to fragmentation. “The other side of it is that the market has become fragmented and developers must test with numerous devices to assure quality.”

Interesting stats, but what do you guys think? Any developers out there want to weigh in on these numbers?

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