It has merely been a month since Google released Android 5.0 Lollipop for its Nexus devices. Later the update found its way to Google Play Edition units. A few OEMs have also released the update for their smartphones but so far majority are still going through the various processes involved in getting a software update ready before it can be released. Now it is being reported that Android 5.1 release will take place in February.

It is certainly intriguing why instead of releasing another incremental update in the meantime the OS will jump a full decimal point to Android 5.1. Only Android 5.0.1 has been released up till now and it was an incremental update that offered nothing in the way of new features.

On the other hand there are reports that Android 5.1 is going to bring new features when it is released in February 2015. Apart from improvement in system stability the update is also expected to bring the silent mode. Battery management, RAM management and notifications are all reportedly going to be improved.

In the past such major jumps have brought about a whole new name for the Android update but given that this is an unsubstantiated report you wouldn’t be wrong to have doubts. Lollipop hasn’t been released for majority of the devices right now, releasing Android 5.1 so soon will only add to Google’s fragmentation woes on Android.

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