windows-10-testerIt was yesterday that we brought you a fair number of reports concerning Microsoft and its earnings, including its Xbox division, not to mention that the acquisition of Mojang is well on track to pay off the bill not too far down the road. Of course, Microsoft has already forecasted a slowing down in growth for the upcoming calendar year because of forex complexities, not to mention making the transition into new business models, we have also managed to glean information that over 2 million users are currently testing out the next version of Windows, which would be Windows 10.

This would point to rather strong growth of interested users within the platform itself after the Windows 10 keynote. It was mentioned that there were 1.7 million users in the Insider program at that point in time, and simple mathematics would show that the Insider group had experienced the addition of more than 300,000 users in approximately half a dozen days after the keynote, now how about that? Just what do you think about Microsoft’s approach where Windows 10 is concerned, and do you figure out that they should have taken a more traditional route? I personally like the idea of unifying an operating system across all different physical platforms – it does add a seamless feel to the entire operation.

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