Google-ChromeGoogle’s Chrome browser is definitely one of the more popular ones in the market at the moment, but this does not mean that it is perfect, as it has its fair share of flaws, too. However, my personal experience with Chrome has been better than Windows Explorer or Firefox over the years, so that is what I will stick with for the moment – until something better comes along, that is. Still, one of the more annoying features of Chrome would be the autoplay feature in tabs should they not be in the foreground. Google’s Chrome will fix this – in other words, even when a tab is in the foreground with a video auto-playing, at least Chrome users need not subject themselves to different advertisements blaring out with multiple tabs opened simultaneously.

This would, once and for all, get rid of questions such as “Where’s that sound coming from?”, as you frantically search for the culprit, where the easier thing would be to simply mute your speakers so that you can take your time to hunt down the offending tab in the background. At least you do not have to be caught off guard, especially when there is a potentially offensive video being played in one of the numerous background tabs.

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