mega-man-legacyThere is always room to reminisce about the past, and hence, it is no surprise if some of us out here happen to have a soft spot for Capcom’s Mega Man. After all, Mega Man happens to be one of Capcom’s earliest and most beloved characters, and hopefully he will remain that way for many more years to come. However, there is a whole new generation of gamers out there who have never given a Mega Man title a go before, which means the timing could not get any better with Mega Man Legacy Collection being released for the PS4, where it comes with an asking price of just $14.99.

Mega Man Legacy Collection happens to be a collection of the series’ 8-bit origins, which would span from Mega Man 1 all the way to Mega Man 6. It does not matter if you are a veteran with this particular series, or have not played a single Mega Man title until today, it is a perfect way to get acquainted with this little hero that could.

All of the six games will be shown off in crisp HD sprites, and they will be accompanied by a Database that boasts of a description of every enemy and which weapon they’re weak against. You can also hone your skills by entering into a practice fight against any Robot Master with all weapons available to you, so that you get a nice run of practice before making the jump into the full game. [Press Release]

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