Chrome 46 recently entered the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux, which basically means that it was declared fit for public consumption on the aforementioned platforms. The latest version of Google Chrome takes more than it brings to the tablet. Google already confirmed a few days ago that it’s removing the notification center from Chrome, and this release also reveals that the “Ok Google” voice command will no longer work in the browser.

Initiating a search by saying “Ok Google” out loud started off as a feature on Android before it was brought over to the desktop via the Chrome browser. All users needed to do if they were on or in a new Chrome window was say “Ok Google” and then speak out their search query.

The browser would be actively listening for this command to make sure that the feature worked just as users would have expected when they wanted to use it. That’s no longer the case, Chrome will not be actively listening for this command so that the user can perform a voice search.

Chrome will retain the ability to make voice searches, but for that users will first have to visit and click on the multicolored microphone to speak out their query. It’s certainly not as seamless as the previous method. This change does not affect Chrome OS though, the feature will live on in Google’s cloud-based OS.

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