It’s safe to say now that electric cars are going to be a big part of the future. The concept has been around for a really long time but most major car manufacturers haven’t seriously considered it. Along came companies like Tesla to really push the industry forward and now you have conventional manufacturers jump on the bandwagon as well. Another one has announced when its first fully electric vehicle will be out, Volvo confirmed plans today for its first electric car which will be out in 2019.

Most manufacturers have adopted hybrid technologies though, pairing electric motors with gasoline engines. Volvo too has a hybrid edition of its latest XC90 and there’s also a plug-in version of the V60 but the company hasn’t gone full electric just yet.

That changes now. Volvo has confirmed that it will design and develop a fully electric car which it intends to launch in 2019, it also revealed plans to offer hybrid versions of all cars in its lineup and to create a new series 40 range of smaller electric cars.

Volvo’s new hybrids might not appear until 2017 and we all know now that it’s a long wait until the full electric car arrives, but from the looks of it, Volkswagen’s recent diesel emissions scandal might have prompted Volve to announce that it too is moving towards more efficient technologies.

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