nadi yoga pantsWhile there are plenty of videos available online to help you with yoga moves, it’s really quite hard to beat having an instructor there with you to point out your mistakes and to correct your posture. After all, if you’ve been practicing the wrong posture for the past 5 years, it will hardly be effective, right?

Unfortunately not all of us have time to go for yoga classes or hire a private instructor for our homes, and this is where Wearable Experiments comes in. The company debuted a pair of smart yoga pants called Nadi back in CES 2016 earlier this month, and the idea here is that these pants have built-in sensors and vibration motors to help guide the wearer to a better posture.

For example if you are attempting one move and it detects that maybe your body isn’t holding the pose correctly, it will vibrate with varying speeds and intensity. According to Billie Whitehouse, co-founder and CEO of Wearable Experiments, “As someone who doesn’t always know the correct form or alignment in poses, I find having that proper guidance is crucial. As a lifestyle product, Nadi not only acts as that guide, but also integrates into your everyday life – reminding you of something as simple as uncrossing your legs while sitting down.”

Apart from yoga, we can only imagine that such technology can also be applied to various fields. For example it could be used to correct your golf swings, the way you shoot a basketball, the way you hold a pen, or it could be used to correct your posture in general. In any case to learn more about Nadi or to find out when it will be available, head on over to Wearable Experiments’ website for the details.

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