Sprint-signHow annoyed are you that when you pay for certain products or services that you are still subjected to ads? After all you paid for it, additional advertisements would just seem like corporate greed, right? So the next question is, how would you feel if you were subjected to ads but you were being paid for it? Would that make it better?


The good news is that Sprint wants to pay customers to look at mobile ads. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Sprint’s deal is being offered to their prepaid subsidiary’s customers, Boost Mobile. All customers have to do is download the “Boost Dealz” app for Android which will display full screen ads when they unlock their phones.

Once that’s done, they will get $5 knocked off their bill for the month. According to Doug Smith, director of prepaid product marketing, Sprint, “We thought it was a very low-risk way to understand how this type of value proposition would go over with our customers. Who knows where this could go. We thought it was important to start understanding consumer behavior and the economics behind it.”

There has been some controversy in recent times regarding ads and ad blocking. Some suggest that maybe the way ads are delivered needs to change, and some suggest that maybe we need new types of ads, but either way if you want to get $5 off your bill, this is one way to go about it.

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