htc-high-res-earphonesUsually when manufacturers launch products, it’s usually bigger markets like the US that tend to get the best of everything. However it seems that while the HTC 10 appears to the refreshed HTC flagship that many have asked for, it seems that HTC has been making some moves that appears to be doing its US customers a huge disservice.

According to recent tweets by HTC USA, the company has confirmed that the hi-res headphones that are marketed on its website will not be bundled with the HTC 10 for the US market. Instead it seems like customers will have to purchase them separately. “The earbuds won’t be included in box for the USA unlocked HTC 10 but will be available to purchase on our website soon.”

However there is no word on pricing at the moment. Now if you’re wondering if this only applies to the carrier versions of the phone, you’d be wrong. According to PhoneArena, HTC’s Jeff Gordon confirmed that this will also apply to the unlocked version of the handset, so it doesn’t matter if you buy it from a carrier or buy it from HTC direct, you won’t be getting those fancy new headphones.

Like we said, HTC seems to be doing its US customers a disservice by omitting certain things. For example just a few days ago, it was reported that the US will only be getting the 32GB version of the phone, meaning that for more storage-heavy users, they’ll have to find some way to contend with just 32GB instead of having the option of getting the 64GB model.

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