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One of the issues many seem to be taking with the upcoming iPhone is that the rumors are claiming that Apple will do away with the headphone port. However the flipside is that many believe that this is a long time coming as the 3.5mm standard is pretty old, and changing to something newer like Lightning could facilitate better audio quality.

Now it has been suggested that maybe, just maybe, Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pros could follow in the iPhone’s rumored footsteps. This is according to a post by John Gruber called “Headphone Jacks Are The New Floppy Drives” in which towards the end of his article, Gruber speculates that maybe the reason why we haven’t seen a new MacBook Pro yet is because Apple is waiting for the iPhone 7 to lead the charge with Lightning-based headphones.

According to Gruber, “Will MacBooks ship with a Lightning port in lieu of a headphone jack? If so, will they ship with headphones? (Probably not, I say. Cough up the extra $29 for a new pair of Apple EarPods.). Is this why we haven’t seen new MacBook Pros yet — because they’re waiting for the new iPhone so that both can go Lightning-for-audio at the same time? Perhaps.”

So far all the rumors are pointing towards the fact that this year’s MacBook Pro refresh will be a pretty huge deal. Let’s not forget Apple also appears to be trying to get rid of the legacy MacBook Pro models. That being said, this is purely speculation on Gruber’s part so it isn’t necessarily a rumor, but as we’ve seen with the 12-inch MacBook, Apple has no qualms about ditching old standards and making the move to new ones.

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