TrackR Bravo is one of the most durable tracking devices available on the market. It enables people to easily locate things like keys, luggage, and even their pets using their smartphones. The tracking device is getting even better today as new features have been introduced. The features include Family Sharing and Custom Printing. Both features are designed to make the bravo smarter and more personal for users.


The Family Sharing option enables TrackR bravo users to share items in groups that they interact with the most everyday. This can be their family, roommates, neighbors, etc. The features enable the group to launch in a combined effort to search misplaced items, thus making it easier to locate the items.

For example, a user can set up a group with roommates to keep track of the TV remote, car keys, and other frequently used items that tend to get misplaced.

Custom Printing allows users to add a personal touch to their bravo tracking devices. It allows them to print any photo directly on the TrackR using UV-LED technology. Customers will have to pay $4.99 extra per bravo for custom printing.

TrackR bravo is available for purchase from Custom printing is available as an option at checkout.

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