Samsung-Galaxy-S7-vs-S7-edge-02_900Without a doubt the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature some kind of security system to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the phone. We figure it will probably be fingerprint technology and/or iris scanning technology. Now on the fingerprint front, it has been standard for quite a while now but according to the latest rumors, Samsung plans to go about it differently.

If the rumors are true, Samsung is said to be introducing optical fingerprint recognition technology to the Galaxy S8. What this means is that they will no longer need to place the sensor under the home button anymore, and users can scan their fingerprints just by placing it on the glass surface. Given the rumors that the Galaxy S8 could be ditching the home button, this makes sense.

So far there has not been any smartphone to utilize optical fingerprint recognition technology, meaning that Samsung could be the first. Optical sensors have been around for awhile now, but like we said, no smartphone OEM has used it before so Samsung could be the first, but whether or not they can overcome some of the limitations of the technology remains to be seen.

An alternative would be to use ultrasonic fingerprint scanning technology, like Qualcomm’s Sense ID which actually made its debut in the Xiaomi Mi 5s and 5s Plus last month. Apple is also said to be ditching the home button and it is widely speculated that they too could employ similar technology, but until then we guess it’s best to take this with a grain of salt.

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