Usually when someone chooses a smartphone platform, they tend to stick with it for years. This is because of the ecosystem in which one has spent money investing in apps and services, so switching to a different platform means having to relearn everything, transferring files, and buying new apps again.

That being said, Google wants to make it easier for users to switch from their iPhone to the Pixel and have since released a new video that teaches users how. Basically it walks users through the process of transferring files from their iPhone to the Pixel via the supplied Quick Switch adapter.

This works by connecting the Lightning cable from the iPhone into the Pixel, meaning that users won’t have to worry about downloading from the cloud as the files will be pretty much sent over the cable. Granted there might be some instances in which you will have to go into your cloud to download the files, but for the most part this should work.

Now whether or not iPhone users will be jumping ship from their current device to the Pixel remains to be seen. Obviously there are hardware differences, but like we said, switching ecosystems can be a costly process so whether or not iPhone users are willing to spend that money is anyone’s guess, but the option is there should they take it.

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