mdmaWhen you think of drugs like ecstasy, you probably have some pretty negative associations with it, namely due to the fact that more often than not we see reports in newspapers in which people as young as teens have died taking the drug. However it seems that it isn’t all bad because the FDA has approved its use for treatment of PTSD.

To be more specific, the FDA has announced that they have approved Phase 3 trials of MDMA, the pure form of the Ecstasy drug. It seems that researchers have been quietly trialing the use of the drug when it comes to treating patients with PTSD, and the results have been encouraging enough for the FDA to commission Phase 3 trials, which is pretty much the last step and last hurdle to clear before MDMA can be approved as a prescription drug.

Speaking to the Toronto Metro News, Dr. Ingrid Pacey, the study’s principal investigator said, “The biggest thing was there was a very increased level of trust. They were really able to talk about painful material from the past that they were never able talk about before in their life — they’d been so frightened they’d block it. With the MDMA, they’d be distressed and crying, but they could talk it through and come to understand it in a way they couldn’t before. The trauma became a more manageable part of their history and they could go forward with their lives.”

This is not the first drug to be approved for medical use, as in the past and before its legalization, marijuana was also used to help treat certain symptoms. Assuming that all goes well and is approved by the FDA, it could become available as a prescription drug by 2021.

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