With Final Fantasy XV being released on multiple platforms, we’re sure some are wondering which platform they should play the game on. For those who are wondering about the pros and cons, the folks at Digital Foundry have put the game to the test on the Xbox One, PS4, and the PS4 Pro to see how it performs.

According to their findings, it seems that the Xbox One version of the game will allow players to experience smoother gameplay due to lack of frame-pacing issues. However there is a catch and that is instead of rendering in 1080p, it renders at 900p which means that in terms of graphics quality, it isn’t quite the same as the PS4 or PS4. The upside is that you will more or less enjoy 30fps gameplay, and while there are dips, it seems that they are short and don’t tend to dip below 27fps.

As for the PS4 and PS4 Pro version, both games also run at 30fps but it has been found that frame-pacing is an issue on both consoles, although for some reason the PS4’s version doesn’t quite suffer from the same problems as its Pro sibling. We’re not sure why that is, but we guess if you don’t mind a bit of stutter, you’ll be able to enjoy higher quality visuals thanks to its 1080p  resolution.

In any case you can check out the comparison and test videos above and below if you are interested, but this is something to keep in mind if you’re trying to decide which console you want to go for.

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