pepsi-sound-footballConcussions can happen when participating in sports, which is why over the years researchers and doctors have been trying to figure out the best way of detecting a concussion before it is too late, and one of those more recent methods is by using a pretty old technique, which is via video replays.

It is being reported by the Associate Press that doctors could soon be allowed to watch soccer replays from the touchline of the next season in order to judge whether or not a concussion has taken place. Granted soccer isn’t exactly a full contact sport unlike football or rugby, but players do get injured from time to time, and if detecting a potential concussion is possible, why not?

According to IFAB secretary Lukas Brud, this will make it safer for players whereas before, referees were the only ones who would make the call as to whether a game should be paused to check for head injuries (or other injuries for that matter). “We have seen enough examples where potentially if the doctor was able to use video he might have made a decision not to put a player back on the field.”

Brud also said, “We understand from scientific research and other sports that have introduced it that if you have a much better assessment of the injury, it might be possible, when you see the intensity and the point of contact, to evaluate potential concussions better.” Of course there are some concerns about the footage being seen.

Stewart Regan, head of the Scottish Football Association said, “We want to make sure whatever footage is allowed to be viewed is used for medical purposes only and there are no unintended consequences where footage is then being used for other purposes.”

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