brain wavesWhile some of us can be forgetful, there are some who are forgetful because of a disease like Alzheimer’s. This means that they can easily forget a lot of things that have happened in recent times, but the good news is that these memories aren’t lost forever because thanks to researchers, they have discovered that your brain can actually recover lost memories.


In a study published in Science, neuroscientists led by Nathan Rose of the University of Notre Dame found that when the brain is subject to small jolts of electricity, it will be capable of reviving recent memories. This is because our memories aren’t truly forgotten, but apparently have been slowed down to a “near silent neural pulse” to the point where it feels like it’s been forgotten.

So what’s the point of this study? Basically this study has revealed to scientists that short-term memory is more layered and dynamic than previously thought, and that with this understanding, it could lead to better understand of human cognition. It is also possible that maybe we could figure out a way to reverse memory loss, or perhaps find a way that will help improve the quality of life for those suffering from short-term memory loss.

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