Tesla’s network of public chargers is called Superchargers. The network spans the United States and several countries across the globe. Tesla owners simply pull up to a Supercharger station and plug their car in. It takes up to 75 minutes for a car to be fully charged and that’s quite a lot of time to be spending at a rest stop on the motorway. Tesla has been working on its next-generation Superchargers and CEO Elon Musk has hinted that the upgraded network will be considerably faster.

The existing Supercharger network provides a maximum of 150kW per car and Musk has teased that the next-generation Supercharger network is going to be much faster. If you though 350kW per car would be enough, think again, because Musk regards it as a “children’s toy.”

This only raises expectations for the revamped network, referred to as Supercharger V3 by Musk, which should enable Tesla owners to charge up their cars fairly quickly. The obvious goal should be to make it as easy as filling up your car’s gas tank and setting off in mere minutes. We might eventually get there some day.

Musk is not going into the details of Tesla’s next-generation Supercharger network at this point in time so it’s unclear just how fast it would charge a car, whether or not it will be compatible with existing Tesla models, and most importantly when it’s going to be rolled out.

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