iphone-7-airpodApple’s AirPods are expensive and are rather weirdly designed, but Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently stated that they were a runaway success. No official numbers were given and if you thought that Cook was just putting on an optimistic front for investors, apparently that is not the case.


According to the recent numbers by Slice Intelligence (via 9to5Mac), it turns out that sales of the AirPods have been pretty good. It seems that on the day that the AirPods were launched, it represented the largest sales of headphones in a single day for the year of 2016, where based on the graph it seems to have beat out both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

The report goes on to add that combined with the sales of wireless Beats headphones, the number of Bluetooth headphones Apple has sold since the AirPods launched represents about 40% of the market. Of course we’re just looking a snapshot in the entire year of 2016 so it is possible that the hype and anticipation could account for the surge in sales.

It will be interesting to see how well the AirPods fare in the following months or years now that more headphones makers are hopping onto the wireless bandwagon, but for now Apple can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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