Tesla is known for attracting talent from some of the best companies and according to reports, it has been able to steal away one of the key designers from Apple’s Mac team. When he was at Apple, designer Matt Casebolt worked on revolutionary Mac products like the Mac Pro PC and the new MacBook in his position as director of product design. He has now decided to try his hand at electric cars over at Tesla.

Going by the patents to his name, it appears that Casebolt was a member of Apple’s elite design team that’s made up of a select few and reports directly to Apple’s design guru Jony Ive.

He’s not the only notable employee that has decided to make the move from Apple to Tesla. The news about Casebolt’s move comes merely a day after it was revealed that one of Apple’s most prominent directors and the creator of its Swift programming language Chris Lattner was joining Tesla to work on self-driving car software.

Some market observers have already started speculating about a possible talent retention problem over at Apple. It goes without saying that Casebolt’s move is only going to fan the flames on these observations.

To be fair, though, Apple is a pretty big company that employs tens of thousands of people. It’s only normal that some would decide to look for another opportunity.

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